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Does HENGDA MICROWAVE make what I'm looking for?

HENGDA MICROWAVE offers thousands of waveguide and coaxial components, assemblies and antenna systems from over 30 product lines. All of our product lines, along with our most standard models, can be seen on the website. If you have any questions to any of the products listed on our website please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to find a product on the website?

There are two powerful search tools on our website. Use Search Site to search any key words entered by you. Search Product assists you to find any product with specific Model No or other specifications. 

Does HENGDA MICROWAVE have a catalog? Where can I get a copy?

You can download the catalog from the website straight away. Catalog in PDF format for each product line can also be downloaded in respective product line webpage.

How do I request a price quote?

Select a valid MODEL NO from HENGDA MICROWAVE's products webpage. Once you select a model number, click Request a Quote. The product will be added to your quote list. You can select more than one product to get quotes at a time to save your time.

How do I request a Proforma Invoice?

Proforma invoices are usually requested by international customers that are required to pay by wire transfer at the time of order.

Follow these steps to request a Proforma Invoice: 

● Step 1: Request a Quote:

First you must request and receive a general quotation from HENGDA MICROWAVE Sales Department. 

● Step 2: Request a Proforma Invoice:

When ready to order, send the HENGDA MICROWAVE Sales Department who quoted you a detailed list of exact models and quantities you wish to order, and request a Proforma Invoice. Your Proforma Invoice will include HENGDA MICROWAVE's total charge to you, including shipping and handling fees, if any. Proforma Invoices are valid for 30 days.

● Step 3: Place a Formal Order:

Proforma invoices do not replace your official PO. Work will not begin until HENGDA MICROWAVE has received an official Purchase Order on your company's letterhead, referencing the Proforma number and then payment. 

How do I place an order?

All orders are placed IAW HENGDA MICROWAVE's Terms and Conditions.

Orders may only be placed after receiving a VALID quote from HENGDA MICROWAVE. 

Ordering by Purchase Order:

Send us your order on your company's official letterhead. Be sure to include qty, part number, frequency range, product name, end user location, product application, all shipping instructions and quote reference. 

Any non standard feature must be resolved prior to order to avoid any misunderstandings when processing your order.

Example of Standard order information:

2 ea 

P/N HD-100WAL100PPC 

8.20-12.50 GHz 

Straight Waveguide 

End User Location: Singapore 

Product Application: Radio Communication

Ship DHL Account # XXXX 

Quote# XXXXXXXX, quoted by XXXX in email dated DD/MM/YY 

*If shipping instructions are not specified your order will be shipped, pre-paid, best way possible by HENGDA MICROWAVE and then billed on your invoice. 

Orders can be faxed to (86) 29-85264764 or emailed at market@hdmicrowave.com.

Can HENGDA MICROWAVE improve my quoted delivery?

Delivery information is normally provided as a band of weeks. For example: 4-6 weeks. This represents the current best case/worst case delivery time; however, your order will be entered with a due date of the worst case scenario quoted (in this case 6 weeks). We always try out best to meet the best case scenario date (in this case 4 weeks) and when truly needed it is doable, but you would need to speak with the Sales Representative that quoted you and express that you absolutely need the best case scenario date. 

From time to time even the best case scenario date is not quick enough. If this is the case please contact the Sales Representative that quoted you, explain the situation and we will try and accommodate your needs. In order to meet your needs it is important you specify your actual need date and not just ASAP or the best delivery you can make. 

HENGDA MICROWAVE reserves the right to change a quoted delivery at the time of order depending on current production schedules.

How do I request an order acknowledgment?

At HENGDA MICROWAVE it is our policy to acknowledge all orders within 7 days of receipt of order; however, if we have failed to send you an acknowledgement please email market@hdmicrowave.com. Be sure to include your company name and PO number.

What is HENGDA MICROWAVE's product warranty?

HENGDA MICROWAVE warrants each product to be free from defect in workmanship and materials for one year from date of shipment. Arrange with HENGDA MICROWAVE to have any product found defective under normal use during this one year period to be returned to the factory where it will be repaired or replaced. HENGDA MICROWAVE shall not be liable for transportation, installation or consequential damages. HENGDA MICROWAVE makes no other warranty expressed or implied.

How do I return a product for warranty or non-warranty repair?

You should contact HENGDA MICROWAVE's sales staff for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. The following information is required: Part No, PO Number, Qty to be returned, and reason for return. 

After we receive the parts we will evaluate them and if the parts are covered under warranty they will be repaired and returned in an expeditious manner. If the parts are out of warranty we will contact you for a repair PO. We must have a repair PO before we can perform a charged repair.