Microwave & Millimeterwave Antennas

HengDa Microwave provides a wide of Microwave and Millimetre-wave antenna up to 330GHz, such as Standard Gain Horn Antenna, Broadband Horn Antenna, Lens Antenna, Linear Polarization Antenna and Circular Polarization Antenna etc, we have an extensive design archives and an experienced engineering team to help service your RF needs. Our mission is assist customer to realize the optimization of their system performance.
  • Standard Gain Horn Antenna

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    Standard Gain Horn Antenna

    StandardGainHornAntennas are linearly polarized, lightweight and corrosion resistant. The below models list the most common gain values available, typically 10, 15, 20 & 25dB. Other Gain values and Horn sizes can be custom-designed to your requirement. Read More

  • Wideband Horn Antenna

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    Wideband Horn Antenna

    HengDa Microwave manufactures a high quality line of Dual-Ridged Horn Antennas typically used for EMI testing, surveillance equipment, antenna gain and pattern measurement. Wideband dual-ridged horn antennas are linearly polarized with high Gain, low VSWR, lightweight,... Read More

  • MMDS Transmitting Antenna

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    MMDS Transmitting Antenna

    HengDa Microwave manufactures a high quality line of Omni Directional Antennas typically used in MMDS transmitting systems. Read More

  • Circular Polarization Horn Antenna

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    Circular Polarization Horn Antenna

    HengDa Microwave developed the production of ultra-wideband circularly polarized spiral antenna series, logarithmic spiral antenna series and octave circularly polarized horn antenna series, can provide a circularly polarized octave bandwidth and a dozen octave bandwidth for... Read More

  • Lens Antenna

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    Lens Antenna

    HengDa microwave manufactures a series of Lens antenna such as conical horn lens antenna, pyramid horn lens antenna, feed radiation type lens antenna, point focusing lens antenna, etc. We can provide the design, processing and testing. Please call us and discuss your special... Read More

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