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【HD Product Recommended】 Millimeterwave Products
Jan 25, 2018

Waveguide Components:

Waveguide Twist, Waveguide Bend, Straight Waveguide, Waveguide Transition, Waveguide Assemblies

1Twisted waveguide.jpg3 Bent waveguide.jpg4 Straight waveguide.jpg5 Transition waveguide assembly.jpg

Waveguide Termination:

Waveguide Sliding Termination,  Waveguide Termination

6 waveguide sliding load.jpg7 waveguide matched load.jpg

Waveguide Coupler:

Broadwall Directional Coupler,  Crossguide Directional Coupler

9 Waveguide directional coupler.jpg11 microwave loop coupler.jpg

Waveguide Attenuator:

Waveguide High Power Fixed Attenuator,   Waveguide Variable Attenuator

14 Waveguide high power fixed attenuator.jpg15 Waveguide fixed attenuator.jpg

Other Waveguide Components:

Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter, Waveguide Magic Tee

8 Waveguide coaxial switch.jpg12、13 Waveguide Magic T.jpg

MMW Antennas:

           Lens Antenna,       Cassegrain Antenna,   Standard Gain Horn Antenna

16 Lens antenna.jpg17 Cassegrain antenna.jpg18 standard gain horn antenna.jpg

110GHz Vector Network Analyzer:

24 110GHz Vector network analyzer.jpg

110GHz Antenna Measurement Chamber:

110GHz antenna measurement chamber.jpg

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