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【HD Product Recommended】 Waveguide Multi-mode Radiation High-power Water Load (1-300KW)
Aug 10, 2017

HD product recommended waveguide multi-mode radiation high-power water load (1-300KW)

Waveguide high power water load or Termination(the average power of several hundred watts to hundreds of kilowatts) is one of the commonly used components in the microwave system, its role is to absorb the microwave power and converted into heat and then taken away by the water.

HD series of new waveguide water load, the use of Hengda Microwave invented the multi-mode radiation waveguide structure, making the water isolation media away from the load waveguide cavity, so that the waveguide itself to maximize the power capacity to play. With a larger power capacity, bandwidth, small size, light weight, compact structure and so on.

  For a variety of waveguide types such as rectangular waveguide, circular waveguide, ridge waveguide, coaxial interface, etc., and for a variety of transmission modes such as base mode, high mode, TE or TM mode, etc., can be customized super power load, Good high power broadband impedance matching. Power is almost unlimited! Frequency range 200MHz-300GHz within the arbitrary waveguide band.

1-Waveguide multi-mode radiation high-power water load.jpg

2-Waveguide multi-mode radiation high-power water load.jpg

This article describes the latest development of Hengda microwave millimeter waveguide TE01 model of high power water load, can solve the super power test and ultra-high power equipment dummy load.

Technical indicators:

Product Number






Operating   Mode


Average   power


Peak   power






Product outline:

3-Waveguide multi-mode radiation high-power water load.jpg

Test curve:

4-Waveguide multi-mode radiation high-power water load.jpg

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