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HengDa Microwave Provides Waveguide Tubing
Aug 04, 2016

Waveguide tubing is used to transmit and receive radio waves, HengDa Microwave provides a standard rectangle wave-guide covered waveguide size WR10 thru WR2300,Or R3 to R9 of IEC WG Designation, Rectangular Waveguide dimensions range from 4.57*3.3 to 169.16*86.61. Materials: Copper Aluminium.

Our pledge to our customers is to supply a superior product on time and to budget. We are committed to meet and exceed quality management standard ISO 9001.

For more information please contact us and discuss your needs with our sales engineer.

Email: hd@hdmicrowave.com

URL: www.hengdamw.com/waveguide-components/