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HengDa Microwave Successfully Made Internship Work With ​Northwestern University, Southern University Of Science And Technology, Xi'an University Of Technology
Aug 09, 2017

HengDa microwave successfully made internship work with Northwestern University, Southern University of Science and Technology, Xi'an University of Technology 

June 26, 2017 - July 7, 2017, Southern University of Science and Technology communications engineering junior three students, Northwestern University communications engineering undergraduate junior 39 students, respectively, in our Division completed a one-week internship. At the same time, Xi'an University of Technology 275 communications engineering, electronic information engineering students in the July 5, July 6 morning to visit our company to learn. At this point, my company in two weeks to undertake the above three institutions of 324 students in the internship, and has a successful conclusion.


      July 3, 5, the company's chief engineer Liu Yingxi, respectively, welcomed the arrival of students and made the status quo of the industry development seminars. Southern University of Science and Technology, Northwestern University students practice, the overall practice by 80%, 20% of the theory and exchange of the form, so that students learn from the enterprise R & D, production process first-line experience at the same time, pay more attention to practical ability. So that students get professional career development outside the future, the overall quality of the upgrade, so that students learn through the understanding of society, understand the business, understand their own professional, enhance themselves. Xi'an University of Technology students half a day to visit the practice, mainly in the form of on-site tour to explain, so that students of the microwave industry, products and applications have a macro understanding of its future career choice to play a certain reference value.


      The actual operation to the laboratory microwave and antenna debugging, fitter operation based. Through the microwave components, microwave antenna related indicators of debugging, learning scalar network analyzer and other laboratory commonly used detection equipment operation. Fitter operation through the horn antenna, flange and other parts of the grinding, tapping and other fitter basic operation of the practice, so that students have a good understanding of the fitter process.


      Theory and communication links, the company chairman Wu Han Dong and students on the employment of college students, the field of electromagnetic field development direction, radio, microwave antenna design and other aspects of the specific aspects of the problem of sharing and teaching.


      The Southern University of Science and Technology, Northwestern University, Xi'an University of Technology more than 300 students of the successful conclusion of the practice, on the one hand, our internship institutions extended to the China Higher Education Reform Demonstration Institute of Southern Science and Technology University, on the other hand Division and Xi'an local Northwestern University, Xi'an University of Technology to deepen the cooperation efforts.

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