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HengDa Microwave Testing Capability
Aug 16, 2016

HengDa Microwave has complete research and development production test system, with the advanced microwave and millimeter wave measuring instruments, and more than 50 sets of professional microwave simulation software platform design; Equipment frequency covers DC - 320 GHZ, can fully satisfy the requirement of the product test and measurement.

Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

Model: Anritsu ME7838E   Frequency:70 KHz ~ 110 GHZ

Scalar Network Analyzer 


Rotary Joints Reliability Test Platform

For single, double channel, multi-channel rotary joints reliability test;

Dynamic testing VSWR, insertion loss (IL), phase and speed adjustable;

It can be connected to the vector network analyzer, computer, automatically collect data and analyze test data, automatically provide test report, and determine the failure time data.

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The product line:  http://www.hengdamw.com/products