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LoRaWAN Antenna
Aug 22, 2018
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                                        LoRaWAN Antenna



LoRaWAN technology is the complete Internet of Things communications between terminal and cloud. LoRaWAN system solutions feature wide-area communication, high capacity, low power consumption, low cost and anti-interference. It is widely applied to such as the Internet of Things low power consumption, the wisdom city, industrial automation, intelligent household,etc.

HD's LoRaWAN antennas have stable performance. Below are some customized models according to customer's requirements for reference. Please contact us and discuss your needs with our sales engineers.

High Gain Omnidirectional Antenna
Part No:HD-1314CVOA7N  














Other LoRaWAN Antennas


LoRaWAN Omni Antenna--HD-0490SDAA6N             Flagelliform Omni Antenna--HD-1314CVOA4BNC



L Band Omni Antenna--HD-1015CVOA4N                  U Band Omni Antenna--HD-043047CVOA4N



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