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Request HengDa Product Catalog (2018) For Free!
May 24, 2018
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                   Request HengDa Product  Catalog (2018) for Free!

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Here let's have a look at what's new from Table of Contents: 

                                                                  Waveguide Components

Straight Waveguide
Waveguide Bend
Waveguide Twist
Flexible Waveguide
Waveguide Anti-leak Gasket   New!
Waveguide Transition
Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter
Waveguide to Microstrip Adapter   New!
Waveguide Termination
Waveguide Short Plate
Waveguide Coupler
Waveguide Rotary Joint
Power Divider/Combiner
Waveguide Filter
Waveguide Isolator
Waveguide Circulator
Waveguide Fixed Attenuator
Waveguide Pressure Window  New!
Waveguide Calibration Kits  New!
Sealing Gasket  New!
Waveguide Adjustable Support  New!

                                                                       Coaxial Components

Coaxial Fixed Attenuator
Coaxial Termination
Coaxial Cable Assembly  New!
Coaxial Rotary Joint  New!
Coaxial Calibration Kits  New! 

                                                                       Microwave Antenna

Standard Gain Horn Antenna (SGAH)
Linear Polarization Horn Antenna  New!
Pyramid Horn Antenna  New!
Cone Horn Antenna  New!
Wideband Horn Antenna
Double-Ridged Horn Antenna  New!
Dual Polarization Horn Antenna  New!
Ultra-Wideband Dual-Polarization Four-Ridged Horn Antenna  New!
Open Boundary Dual-Polarization Four-Ridged Horn Antenna  New!
Lens Antenna  New!
Conical Horn Lens Antenna  New!
Pyramid Horn Lens Antenna  New!
Point Focusing Horn Lens Antenna  New!
Circular Polarized Horn Antenna  New!
Circular Polarized Horn Antenna -Conical Horn Type  New!
Dual Circular Polarized Horn Antenna-Conical Horn Type  New!
Dual Circular Polarized Horn Antenna-Step Diaphragm Square Horn Type  New!
Dual Circular Polarized Horn Antenna-Step Diaphragm Conical Horn Type  New!
Broadband Circular Polarized Horn Antenna-Dual Linear Polarization Synthesized  New!
Broadband Dual Circular Polarized Horn Antenna-Dual Linear Polarization Synthesized  New!

                                                                    Technical Reference

Rectangular Waveguide Tubing Information
Flange Information

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