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coaxial line manufacturers

  • Coaxial Cable Assembly

    Contact NowCoaxial Cable AssemblyHD-series of microwave and millimeter Coaxial Cable Assembly constituted of rf coaxial connector cable components and assembled a suitable radio frequency cable. Working frequency range covers DC - 50 GHz.Read More

  • Coaxial Termination

    Contact NowCoaxial TerminationHengDa Microwave supplies high quality Coaxial Terminations up to 18 GHz. Our Free Standing Convection Cooled Terminations offer great flexibility for all your engineering applications.Read More

  • Coaxial Connector

    Contact NowCoaxial ConnectorHengDa Microwave’s K type connector series is a kind of highly reliable 2.92 mm connector products, which can be used in the case of up to 46 GHZ, its performance is better than that of type can only be used under 18 GHZ of SMA connector. 2.92 mm connector with SMA, WSMA and 2.92 mm connector can match, widely used in the field of modern precision measuring and all kinds of millimeter wave communication equipment. For more information feel free to call us and discuss your needs with one of our sales engineers.Read More

  • Coaxial Fixed Attenuator

    Contact NowCoaxial Fixed AttenuatorHengDa Microwave supplies a wide selection of high quality Fixed Attenuators ranging from 2 W to 10 kW in standard Attenuation values of 3, 6, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 dB. Please call us with your requirements and discuss your needs with one of our sales engineers.Read More

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