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wholesale Coaxial coupler

  • Circular Waveguide To Coaxial Adapter

    Contact NowCircular Waveguide To Coaxial AdapterHengDa Microwave manufactures Circular Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter covering a full frequency range for Circular Waveguides, It is used to realize circular waveguide to coaxial transformationRead More

  • Coaxial Termination

    Contact NowCoaxial TerminationHengDa Microwave supplies high quality Coaxial Terminations up to 18 GHz. Our Free Standing Convection Cooled Terminations offer great flexibility for all your engineering applications.Read More

  • Double-ridged Wavegudie To Coaxial Adapter

    Contact NowDouble-ridged Wavegudie To Coaxial AdapterHengDa Microwave manufactures Double-ridged Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter covering a full frequency range, within the full bandwidth of ridge waveguide (2-3 octave) to achieve a good match, with multiple flange and coaxial connector types and configurations available. For more information feel free to call us and discuss your needs with one of our sales engineers.Read More

  • Crossguide Directional Coupler - 4 WG Ports

    Contact NowCrossguide Directional Coupler - 4 WG PortsCrossguide couplers are typically used for power sampling, frequency monitoring and standing wave testing. This is a four-ports configuration cross coupler. The minimum directivity is 18 dB. The coupling level can be custom made ranging from 20 dB to 60 dB. The flange type, connector type and sizes can be custom made as per customer's specific requirements.Read More